Oh what a horror story! I am so glad to have found this site and hear the other problems one has with Cigna!

I remember talking to an agent who informed me that Cigna has an A+ rating for consumers and that my present insurance company has a B+. Well, my present company pays everything with no questions asked, have stood by me for 7 years and Cigna won't even approve me for being a secondary insurance as I have Medicare too. I elected to have vericose veins closed as they can cause pain and they are ugly on your legs. Medicare picks up 80% and Cigna would not pick up $640.

because it is not in their guidelines. I just am grateful to my instincts that because of the way they treat you for an initial interview by their underwriters, I knew this insurance company was not going to be good for me. They had rejected me, then my surgeon sent them a fax explaining the procedure as an out-patient, they accepted me.

Then a week later they changed their minds and rejected me a second time. I called and rejected them.

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