Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

I severely injured my knee on Easter Sunday.Went to urgent care facility, told by doctor that she was certain that I had either a meniscus tear or ACL tear. X-ray is pointless, but an MRI would confirm. Referred to orthopedic surgeon, who said same thing and submitted a thorough pre certification request on Tuesday morning. CIGNA denied request on Friday. I was told that an X-ray was proper protocol for my injury and that it was necessary. I got my X-ray on Friday, which of course showed nothing because and x-ray cannot show ligament damage. SO now I have to go through this whole approval procedure again, and probably will not hear anything until Wednesday at the earliest. 10 entire days to maybe get a daignosis. All wasted time and sick leave from my job because of CIGNA. I switched from Blue Cross to save some money, but I will switch back next year. I never had this problem before with necessary tests.Ridiculous. STAY AWAY.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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