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As a current employee with Cigna, i can tell you what a joke this company is!!!!!! Managers talking about their team members behind their back, playing on facebook, actually underwriters WHO lied about their college backround and they promoted him.....

everyone throwing each other under the bus to get to the top. Working for this company, the benifts they offer--- better if you are on welfare. Call in sick, you better be ready to face the firing squad the next time you return. Business if caring, yeah right its all about getting money from the customers and not giving a rats *** about your health just your money.......

the ceo travels the world for company visit, spends time in DC. If their employees come down with an illness and takes you out of work, better have a valid reason on why a kidney transplant was needed, if not next day after your transplant you are required to ge back at work or be fired.... they are heartless bastards and all they want is your money. Business of caring, yeah thats a joke.....

next time you call cigna, ask them about business if caring meaning or what country the Ceo is visiting..

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #787357
thanx for the insight. :eek
Mamaroneck, New York, United States #672144

The things you explain, unfortunately, are not against any laws. Understood that you want others to know, hence posting here, but your best and really only recourse is to find a new job. Good luck!

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