I changed my insurance deductible in March 2013. My new insurance due to be paid online April 1st.

When I logged in to Cigna website I saw the wrong amount listed. I called customer service and paid by phone. They promised to correct the mistake.I received several letters confirming my new premium. When I logged in yesterday to pay online I had outstanding bills and they didn't correct the mistake.

I called customer service and they told my policy was cancelled for non payment in April. They put me on hold and they can't even help correcting the problem.

I'm paying ridiculous amount of money for insurance that doesn't cover almost anything. Not to mention the aggravation with incompetent company like Cigna.

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I deal with people like you everyday. you complain abut how cigna doesn't cover anything, this that and the other.

Here is the deal either you or your employer picked out you benefit package.... Not the customer service rep that is unlucky enough to have to talk to you. Now about your premium mix up send in what you signed up for print it if you have to... And also some sort of receipt that you paid it, keep copies for yourself...

Then give it about 10 business days for it to load into the system then give cigna a call...pS don't be a douche to the customer service rep when you call in...

Being a.douche won't help you... And frankly the rep didn't make the mistake.

to spook Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #787364
you are rude!!! :cry :cry

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