Harrisville, Rhode Island

Cigna is the absolute worst insurance company I have ever had to deal with! I have a multitude of spinal problems.

They will no longer cover physical therapy, chiropractic services, and now that my neurologist is requesting a new mri & x-rays, they are calling it "frivolous". I am so furious I cannot even stand it.

If my many back isues continue to worsen due to MRI services not being available to deduce whether surgery will be helpful, I would be interested in joining in any class action lawsuit that arises. I am certain that I am not alone!This is not the first, nor is it the only issue I have had with this horrible company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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Evansville, Indiana, United States #658322
I am also having the damndest time with Cigna. I have been out of work for 2 months now and I have sent in all the paperwork asked of me and even called my Case Manager to verify that he had all the paperwork required and was told yes and if more was needed I'd be notified.
Well yesterday when I logged on to the MyCigna Website I noticed that under the "Manage Claims" link it is now saying that I have no claims for the past 90 days, so I'm assuming my claim has been denied.

Anyone else experienced this craziness?

And if so what do you do next, I need help cause God knows Cigna and my employer isn't trying to help. :cry :( :upset
Los Angeles, California, United States #630354

We has the same issue today with an MRI that should have easily been approved so the doctor could evaluate if my daughter needs surgery or just a shot. Cigna wants to change the doctor's MRI order.

They haven't even seen her or fully understand her condition.

I pick my doctor's wisely and they are more concerned about their bottom line then our health. Dealt with many insurance companies and they are the absolute worse.

Rocky River, Ohio, United States #628708

Cigna is hand down the worst insurance company on the market,they should be investigated and jailed!

to Ticked off #643061
I absolutely agree! Cigna is a HORRIBLE company..more like murderers andf terrorists to me because they don't give a *** about people's health, lives or how much they suffer.

They should be rounded upo and charged with MANY different crimes.

They DENY LIGITIMATE claims and seriously screw up people's lives that have worked HARD for a living and paid the wretched company,,,,there will be a special place in *** for these people if they never change their ways....all they care about is money..bunch of scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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