It is a shame that a insurance company would drop a hospital and doctors that people has been with for years and years. For example I have gone to the same doctor for 26 years.

He delivered my child and I go to him every year for my pap smear. Then you have dropped Mountain State Alliance. In my opinion I quess Tn Eastman and Wellmon Hospital and associates must get a kick back for using Cigan. Cigna has alway had a contract with the health provider so you only pay a certain amount anyway.

Cigna said they would help us find a doctor under Wellmont. Myself I would rather have HMO atlest I could go to the doctor I want. I feel like this country is moving more and moe toward dicatorship.

Cigna is telling us what doctor we can go to. Caring for patients doesn't matter any more it is all about the all might dollar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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