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I and my wife are both retired and living on a fixed income. Due to the change in health care we switched carriers.

Today 1/6/2020 Cigna took out their payment for insurance coverage. We called and were told NO refund and NO coverage.

So they basically stole our money and we have no one to turn to since they are not even under BBB. If it was possible I would give them a -5 stars.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $210.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Cigna Cons: Customer service.

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Don’t ever do business with the cigna companies they are full of lies and deception, my husband passed away more than 4 years ago and they still haven’t paid out his life insurance claim! His policy wasn’t extremely expensive, only about 70,000 in total but that’s not the point, the cigna companies know they owe this money to me as his widow but they are using lots of stall tactics to avoid paying.

First off, they claimed they “lost” all the necessary claims paperwork (twice on two separate occasions), so I had to resubmit everything. That took an additional 5 months for them to review and process. Then the cigna companies said they wanted an autopsy report to rule out suicide, et cetera and make sure my husband died of natural causes. (Which of course he did, it was a massive heart attack and heart disease runs in his family.) But anyways, I jumped through all of those hoops to appease the cigna companies and supplied them with the necessary autopsy report from the coroner.

Then they said that the paperwork wasn’t filled out correctly, so I had to get another second autopsy report from a different medical examiner. All of that dragged on for well over a year, while the cigna company just took their sweet old time “processing” all of that paperwork. After that, then Cigna tried saying that they still weren’t totally convinced that my husband’s death wasn’t a suicide? I swear, those were their exact words: “Our own investigation has been unable to decisively conclude that your husband’s manner of death wasn’t by suicide, and as a result, we are unable to pay out your claim at this time.” Seriously?

How could an insurance company act so callous and cold-hearted – especially toward a grieving widow and her family who has already been through so much?! Of course my husband’s death wasn’t a “suicide” as the Cigna company is claiming it could have been!! All this is a bunch of stall tactics being used by the cigna companies to avoid paying out a claim they know they owe my family. Now we have to get attorneys involved, go through the whole court process, and that could probably take several years from start to finish.

Cigna knows exactly what they are doing, they are basically trying every trick in the book to avoid paying out this life insurance claim – even though they know all the excuses they are using are totally absurd and invalid. I feel totally sick to my stomach, literally I feel like vomiting right now just sitting here writing this review. I can’t even stop crying right now, it hurts so badly what the cigna company has done to me and my family by putting us through this. And how could they even suggest that my husband might have committed suicide, when the medical examiner’s official reports (2 of them!!) says everything differently??!!

Please if you are considering doing business with the cigna companies, especially their life insurance division, save yourself the aggravation and find a policy with a different insurance company. This one is just as crooked and as unethical as they come. I just don’t want any other widow (or family) to have to endure all the strife and heartache which I have unfortunately felt as a result of doing business with Cigna.

P.S. Don’t bother with a standard company response below, Cigna, claiming that you don’t know what this is in reference to or that you are “sorry and I should contact your generic ‘customer service’ website to address this issue.” Because you people had plenty of opportunity to do the right thing and fix this situation, now the public needs to know what you are all about: greed and inhumane lack of regard for human life.

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