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CIGNA took money out of my HSA account in error to cover my September, 2010 annual "Wellness" physical with my health care provider. The health care provider returned the check, but now after a dozen phone calls to CIGNA @ 1-800-244-6224 I still don't see the funds being put back into my account.

I've been given CIGNA confirmation numbers and have talked to a Tracy, a Jenny, a Ci-on, a Robin, a Debbie, a Yovon and finally a possible manager named Tina Hall at their Customer Service Call Center. I've been told everything from "I have to wait 15 days for the correction", to "I have to wait for the check to be processed before it can be corrected" to "Oops, it looks like Robin sent it to the wrong department" to finally my favorite one: "They sent the check back to the provider in error".

What I don't understand is that the monies taken out of my HSA account and sent to the doctor's office in error - was returned. CIGNA admits that they have the doctor's check, and may have already cashed it, but they can't seem to find the time to credit my account.

Why can't anyone at CIGNA put the funds back into my account? This is going on four months now - unbelievable. I can't seem to get a hold of any one at CIGNA with enough smarts to make the correction.

Now I'm extremely Upset.

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I had the same issue twice.Improperly cleaned out my account and sent it to the doctor in error.

It took 3 months of phone calls and empty promises to finally get it fixed. They finally credited my account. Then on the very next claim did the same thing again. I am still dealing with that one and trying to get my money back.

it has been 3 months and they still haven;t done naything about it.I think I am just going to sue them.


I see that you emailed Cigna Board members. I have written a letter to Cigna's acting CEO but feel that it will take a long time to reach him and will be easily ignored. Where did you get the email addresses for Cigna Board members?


I have a very similar issue.Money taken from my HSA but NEVER sent to provider.

3 months later they won't credit my account. Same excuses: awaiting approval, 15 day waiting period, HSA manager's problem, need to figure out what they did with the money before they refund me...blah, blah, blah.

It amounts to theft and INFURIATES me that after talking to 10 associates and 2 managers over the last 3 weeks I am getting ZERO help.

Agree that this practice seems to be part of Cigna's business complete opposition to their published 'Code of Ethics'.


I had EXACTLY the same problem. It is probably very common. Even looks like a part of CIGNA business.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #242822

Thanks for the Info. I put in a complaint with my HR department and sent a e-mail note to each of CIGNA's board members. (Four of which actually took the time to respond) The problem was corrected two days later.


Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Perhaps I can help. Please email me your contact information to @


Google the insurance regulator for whatever state you live in (should be located in your state's government at the state capital) and turn Cigna in to them.

Make sure you have all your documentation to back up your claim.

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