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Short term approved back in June. Seemed like everything going ok.

Then suddenly wasnt receiving a check from them , not that they were consistent. Was told by my claims manager that they are waiting on my doctors office to send my records. Well my condition and records have not changed since June. So after waiting , because Cigna reps will not update you on anything, and their website doesnt show updates, its either open or closed, I was told it was denied because of the information Cigna put together from my doctors office that I could work , although the story Cigba typed up still contradicts being able to go back to work.

CIGNA BELIEVES THEIR OWN LIES!! PSYCHOPATHS!! NOW this week its that there is no notations of my strenght or range of motion!! WTH?!

I can occasionally lift 10 lbs per my doctor so WHO CARES ABOUT MY STRENGTH , and I AM NOT TO STOOP, BEND OVER, SQUAT , CROUCH ETC.. SO WHO CARES WHAT MY RANGE OF MOTION IS!!! Oh yeah and before this the excuse was the dr needs to SPECIFY why my pains etc, affect my job!!! AGAIN CIGNA who cares because it was enough to take me out of work idiots!!

Then u get a complete listing of my job title and duties AND still uphold your denial decision?! I SERIOUSLY DOUBT ANYONE LOOKED AT THE DUTIES OF MY JOB!!! Any moron can see that you wouldnt be able to complete duties as needed. When people say there is EVIL in this world, they are talking about CIGNA.

Thr epitome of evil!! And then u get a call from some lady named Angie and she gets all your doctors names, meds you are on, etc.. acting like they care or that information is gonna help you get case approved. Nope it doesnt.

Stop with the lying , wasting peoples' time , killing people by not approving claims. Just quit the crap CIGNA!!

A LOT of people are on to your way. Were not a bunch of ignorant dummies!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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