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I have two sons that have both received treatment through Dr. Cigna.

The last contract with my youngest son has been a nightmare of billing errors and HOURS of trying to get the contract straightened out. He was refused treatment for SIX MONTHS< yet they accepted $635 in payments from me during the same time. They kept saying we were not in agreement with the what was due on the remainder of the contract. THEY REFUSED TO TREAT HIM!

WHEN I CALLED TO MAKE AN APPT> THEY SAID I HAD TO TALK TO BILLING! They wanted me to pay $1,200 in cash up front. To date I have paid them more than $8,000 in fees for both my sons. TODAY when I tried to make an appt.

and question the recent bill (which was $200 more than last months and there was even a $244 payment applied to it!!!) They told me there were CANCELLING MY SON's TREATMENT! The vindictive, rude and hateful 'office administrator' again! She once told me she hired the inept billing manager from within her church because she needed a job.

Yep--- that makes me LESS frustrated! (sarcasm)I am contacting an attorney.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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