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My husband has Cigna Health insurance from his employer and we have had nothing but misery from them.

Claims are not paid. Huge deductibles ($4,000 for our family)and we are not able to see our family physician of 12 years. To see our family Dr. we have a $6,000 deductible and then they MAY reimburse us around 20% of their ALLOWABLE expense.

They sent a list of medications that are only covered if you buy from their mail order pharmacy. However you must pay up front two months co payments for a 3 month supply. One of my medications they only allow a 5 doses per lifetime. The cost is under $5 a dose at my local pharmacy. I have allergies to some dyes and fillers so therefore Cigna claims my meds are no longer generic but instead name brand and subject to a $60 monthly co payment even though they are generic brands. They justify this by saying anything is name brand if you can not use whatever they happen to have on their shelves at the time.

Cigna has made the cost of my prescriptions so expensive that I can no longer fill them. It would be over $700 a month. My blood pressure and blood sugar meds I am suppose to take them twice a day, instead I can only take them once every two days. My breathing medications are no longer affordable at all. Turns out it is cheaper to land in the ER 3 times a month than take my meds. When I argued with them on my non narcotic pain meds that they only allow 5 doses per life time they suggested I get a medical marijuana card. My diabetes testing supplies are considered name brand because there are no generics. Therefor test strips are $60 a month and lancets are another $60 a month for their PREFERRED BRAND All from their mail order pharmacy.

My family Dr. can not get on their preferred provider list because they have enough family Dr's in the area. In the area I live in many of their providers are the health department limited care clinic providers.

I have not had one claim I did not have to argue for months. Then they denied all claims back to February claiming we did not have former credible coverage with my husbands former employer. Cigna was the pharmacy carrier for the former employer. Now I am suppose to write to Cigna and get a certificate of creditable coverage and mail it back to them????

This POLICY runs at $1,500 a month and we are not allowed to opt out. What a rip off for no coverage.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Prescription Refill.

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this is the worst insurance i've ever had. it pays for nothing and is hella expensive.

better to just get cheap insurance that covers catastrophic illness and self pay for doctor visits and medication. this insurance is the biggest rip-off.


Cigna offered free annual exam to me and my spouse. We took the exam but now they refuse coverage because they claim the provider discovered an illness which was diagnosed years ago. Of course they collect $600 per month in premiums to tell us that.

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