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My employer recently switched to Cigna from Aetna, and it's hard to see this as anything other than a huge pay cut given the atrocious network that Cigna provides. In my entire city of about 800,000 people, Cigna has a few dozen primary care doctors. I chose a PCP located close to where I live, and I got a taste of the type of provider that's willing to contract with Cigna.

I've worked front office for doctors before, so, I know from experience that, if an insurance company has a limited network, it's likely because the company has horrible reimbursement rates and/or abuses the doctors (asks for obscene amounts of paperwork, never covers anything). Consequently, the types of doctors who are willing to work with cheap insurance companies either belong to huge medical clinics that have whittled down costs as much as possible or are substandard practitioners desperate for any patients. Cigna's network is so limited, basically none of the large medical groups in my area are in network, which leaves only the substandard practitioners.

The doctor, that I'll only be using as a PCP as long as I have to, works out of a rundown, filthy, disorganized clinic. It resembled the American stereotype of what a single-payer system looks like. Despite the fact that I live in a considerably wealthy city, the clinic staff was apparently so unused to a white middle class patient walking in, they initially asked if I worked for immigration. I'd say that the doctor's care was fairly mediocre, which I won't quibble with, most doctors are mediocre, but I was hoping to find a doctor who would work with me on my chronic health problems, this doctor is not that person, and Cigna's limited network basically means I'll never find a doctor like that.

If you have a choice (I clearly don't unless I switch jobs), don't choose Cigna.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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