I have disability insurance with this company and I was approved in a very reasonable time. I know it is bad to be without a payday but it takes time to do the research to deny or approve a claim.

If this time was not taken to correctly make an unbiased honest decision, then the fakers and the fraudulent claims would rise so high that not only would your insurance not be free but it would be unaffordable period. We forget that insurance companies are a business for profit and not a government subsidized organization to administer money.

I do not work for these people and have no reason to praise them other than a very good and profitable experience with them. I would be in the breadline and on the streets without them.

Signed: A satisfied insured

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Claim.

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I can only say maybe you are a celebritiy with power or you have a condition in which you are blind, or something very clear cut. I worked for 23 years and filed a 2000 page report from 4 doctors stating that I am too ill to work.

I recieved the same treatment, run around ect. I plan to sue them. They just denied my claims. My attorney says they just deny all short term claims because it is hard to get an attorney to take the case.

I was a pharmacist and worked for 23 years. I plan on filing a complaint. I wish I could sue for punative damages. I invited them to come and live with me.

They can watch me sob every morning- My son is in therapy because of watching his mother in so much pain. I am one of the "lucky" ones. I have a very supportive husband and my father will advance some of my inheritance early, and it is still hard. I try not to take it personally but I thought that after coming in sick for 3 years and working for 23 why would I want this.

I made over 85,000 dollars for a 30 hour a week job. Who in thier right mind would give that up.

I also loved my job. I am glad you were treated well but it is really hard for me to believe you are the majority.


What is your condition?

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