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As stated, can't work due to progressive Picks Disiese, and CIGNA rep has told me they need more definition of of the Disiese.... My 'case manager' does nothing more than say she has to go see her supervisor about this, then calls back and states the claim is still on hold until further information is received.

I have sent my (3) doctors notes every time I go see them, and they all say the same thing; no work, no driving, needs to be monitored during all daily activity!

Absolutely no compassion from this company, seems they are only interested in delaying claims as long as possible trying to starve you out. I can't believe I have paid for this insurance for over 25 years!

EMPLOYERS: Run away from this company as fast as you can. Lawsuits are coming, as for many of us, these practices only exasterbate the problem. This is criminal forced financial hardship.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Claim.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #806187

Your doctor need's to send more than(3)Doctor's note's as stated by the insurance company.What doctor send's notes to a insurance company and Expect to be paid for note's.He/She has to send a detailed report as to what this disease is.I mean come on now,What insurance company is going to pay for something that is unknown to the insurance company?Evidently your doctor does not no what he/she is doing.Other wise it would not be a problem to send the insurance company detailed documentation as to what your illness is.It is not the insurance companies fault,It is your doctor's fault for the insurance company not paying for your illness.Duh

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