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I am in need of a hip replacement and in the last two years I struggled with driving to work (so ca freeway) sitting, standing, walking was getting so painful that my DR felt I should be off work until I am able to have surgery, I have sent more than 50 pages of medical records, letters from my Dr. Results of Xrays showing how much my hip and now both hips and my knee is denigrating to the point that I am hardly able to walk more than across the room.

I am scheduled for surgery in six to eight weeks. They continue to "review" my claim and then today found out they we not even using the correct insurance coverage that I have.

WHAT A RIP this company is. funny the st of ca can understand but they can't.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Claim.

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Woodville, Virginia, United States #878225

I became ill last October. I have been out of work since last December.

The illness has changed over time and I have no diagnosis yet. Cigna has refused to pay me my disability. If you finally get to speak to someone they have no answers and will tell you that you will get a letter explaining what you need to do. The letter will never come.

Currently I am about to be homeless because I can't pay the rent. I don't know where to turn, I need Help.

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