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I never received a letter or any notification whatsoever telling me that my premium was going up and in addition I also have a $250 deductible! I found out about the premium increase when I went to pay my bill for January through the automated system, since I was never notified of an increase I thought the amount I owed had to be a mistake.

Then I called customer service department and they informed me that because of the rise in costs they have increased the premium. Then Friday (2/12/16) I called to find out if the shingle shot is covered that’s when I found out I also have a $250 deductible, therefore I was told that I would have to pay for the shingle shot myself which costs approximately $250, which I cannot afford to pay so now because of Cigna I have to risk getting shingles because I can’t afford to pay for it myself!

Because of Cigna not notifying me about the premium increase and especially the new $250 deductible I did not have the opportunity to look for other insurance companies for Part D and their plans and now it is too late for me to enroll in another plan with another company as the enrollment period is over. So now I am forced to pay a $250 deductible so I cannot get any of my prescriptions without paying for them myself.

If I knew about the deductible for 2016 I would have gotten a shingles shot then found another company!

Reason of review: No notification that my policy now has a $250 deductible for 2016.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Cigna Pros: Customer service people are very nice and helpful.

Cigna Cons: No notification that i have a 250 dollar deductible part d 2016.

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Same issue as will not cover drugs they indicated they would cover upon signing and then did a plan increase and a two fifty deductible......Customer Service did indicate that due to sanctions against company, I can contact medicare to see if I can change plans. I have almost paid the deductible so now I will wait to change until open enrollment. make sure you check all drugs and do not go with this company.

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