Athens, Georgia

Cigna does not pay for crutches after knee syrgery? Good Grief!

So much for patient safety! I suppose they won't pay for the brain injury when my husband falls, hits his head, either! $15.00 for crutches vs potential fall related to safety of the patient. No sense in this at all!!

How on earth do insurance companies get away with the consumer rip off's they do?

Surely there's an attorney the insurance company has tcked off in this population, or a relative of a ripped off consumer!

It's time someone challenged these rip off insurance companies and the government start sending those in charge to jail.

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i agree. cigna dosent care. I had my surgery Wednesdat Sept 21 2016 im continously calling cigna till Friday no crutches and they say authorization dept closed sat and sunday when im calling on saturday


What you may not realize is that your employer picks your health care plan- right down to what is covered and what's not. Your employer also selects deductible amounts and co-insurances.

You should educate yourself before pointing fingers.

It works the same way with your auto and home insurance.

The richer the coverage the higher the cost only you're the driver. Do you pick the richest coverage or the one that covers the basics?


Save steves family, his family is being denied care by Cigna. Please donate to save Steves Family. See the Steven Coddington story and Cigna


I work at cigna, and I have never seen a plan that doesnt cover crutches! Also, your employer chooses whats covered and whats not.

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