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screwed me now ill have to resign so i can live on my 401k to pay bills. ive been off work since dec severe dizziness they payed me to feb when my test didnt show anything yet even when my doc didnt want me to they didnt think that made me unable to perform my job whick is a cashier at jewel i worked for jewel 13 yrs when we had fidelity and you got sick they took care of you not cigna but they sure take their payments every week.

going to another neuro to see if he can help me. thats why i will not work for jewel ever again they are no help either must be the savings with this sham of a company

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I sent a question to the above poster @ She/He says he/she can help.

My question is why did Cigna try to kill me?

Why were they going to let me die. I have asked this question so many times, and no one at Cigna has ever come up with the answer. I have the answer. Money and Profit quite simple.

I do hope you will all rot and burn in *** for what you did to me, and to my family. I will seek justice and have you people all locked up until the day I die. Oh then I forgot you own the legal system..... No prosecution in California for Health Plans.....

like CIGNA. That day is surely coming.


Hi, I can be reached at There are a few ways to deal with CIGNA.

All are ishy, may work, but it's always a gamble. 1) When I was being jacked around I had a Senator (Wash. D.C.) type the anwsered peoples email problems. Within 24 hours of contact to him it was solved (CIGNA HATES ATTENTION).

2) Get the Neurosurgeon on side, enough to take some action. Neuro-types are the top of the job title food chain, and HATE to be disagreed with. I think the one IO had RIPPED someone a new one. 3) SUE THEM.

Many states it is legal to tape outgoing phone calls, or they are accepted when someone/something is being a criminal problem first. PLEASE CHECK YOUR STATE RULES FIRST!!!!!!

Suing a multi-billion company can be done, it aint easy. THANKS , Dave


I'm sorry that you are having a bad experience. Please email your contact information to and I can help.

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