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My 19 y/o son has a progressive neuromuscular disese that effects balance, coordination, gross and fine motor skills and energy. There is no current cure or treatment.

He is attending college and living on campus. He has been battling to stay walking as long as he can and finally came to the decision that he needed a wheelchair. Not a choice you would wish on any kid, but I'm proud of his maturity through it all. Most kids his age with this disease are in a full powerchair...

We started the process in May, to get him a light weight chair with an add on propulstion device, when needed for hills/longer distances (for now). Cigna denied the claim because "he wouldn't otherwise be confined to a bed without a wheelchair" and denied the power assist because "he hasn't been using a self propelled chair for a year". I guess they are waiting for him to fall and REALLY hurt himself so he DEFINATLY can't walk again. This is a really good kid, doing so well with his life in the face of this disese, and he just needs the tools to avoid injury and keep going, until that cure or treatment comes along!!!

The really maddening part is their poor communications, lying to me on the phone (two times - clearlly wrong information), and hanging up on me (twice). I had been on hold for 25 mintues and was disconnected (no call back, even though they took my cell #) and disconnected when "Tansferring me" to someone else. Again, no call back even thoug they too my cell #). Both on the same day....

Wish I had options for insurance because Cigna SUCKS! They do not care about their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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