On May 15, 2014 at 4:30pm central time, I called Cigna Leave Solutions at (888)842-4462 press option 6 for other questions. My first opinion is that the first lady I talked was should have not answer a question she did not know.

Second, I was disconnected from the phone server after she was suppose to transfer me to Gary "my FMLA manger". I had to call a second time at 4:40pm central time. Zoe had answered and said that they (assuming Cigna) had been having phone problems and commented about Rachel's services to me. I guess Rachel is the first lady I talked to.

(Gossip much?) Zoe then gave me Gary's phone number and transfer me to Gary. I did not not get through to Gary's phone or his mailbox. I guess it was the phone problems Cigna is having, right? This leads to my third opinion.

Cigna Leave Solutions needs to work on their customer services.

I did not get an apology for your phone problems at Cigna Leave Solutions. Please follow through your CODE OF ETHICS AND PRINCIPLES OF CONDUCT.

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