I have the misfortune to have the medical coverage supplied by my employer through Cigna. I recently needed to find a specialist, and used their "Find a Doctor or Service" website.

It is riddled with errors. It lists physicians who do not accept their insurance, aren't accepting new patients, and in some instances, aren't even located in the state where Cigna lists them. They take months to process claims, have continued to apply payments I have made to a high deductible I already met, and take discounts on bills that I have paid out of pocket! Few providers in my area want to deal with this company.

I feel they are dishonest and only out to rip off the consumer.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Even if you find a dentist on their website listed as in network, they pay out of network percentages. When you dispute the claim and send screen shots of their website page where it shows the dentist listed as is in network?

Its denied.

Best part... my eob has a cute little note at the bottom that says "thank you for using an in network provider." Worst insurance I've had in my life!


Try having Blue Cross Blue Shield, when my husband went to the emergency room I specifically asked if they accepted our insurance. Got a bill, the hospital accepts it but the doctor doesn't.

So we had to pay the doctor with no discounted services.

I called Customer Service and said If my husband was dying of a heart attack and he is being brought in i have to ask if the is a doctor on staff that accepts our insurance and I was to yep. Insurance is a big scam!!!

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