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My husband went into the hospital for mental health. The doctors at vanderbilt admitted him because of his condition and well being.

This is a life and dealth situation. Cigna call the doctor and told him that if he is not trying to harm his self right at the moment that they are speaking that they was not going to cover him to release him right now. The problem is that the only reason he is not harming his self is because they have 24 hr. watch on him and his tring to get him stable and out of harms way.

but cigna does not care. I told servaral people that work with cigna that my husband is very ill and needed to be there. They told me that they can not discuss him because he is grown. I told her I am the primary card holder and I did need you to discuss my husband problem but that we need to discuss why youll are refusing to cover him.

then after that she began asking me about my husband pasted and why did i think he should be there. NOw this is the question how do you expect me to discuss his personal business with them when they are not willing to cover him or to give information on him. so i told them that i will call email write to every person company government that would listen to how an insurance company that takes about $800.00 a month from my check but refuse service that they provide and I pay for. To top it off every month that take our money and send out these false letters of concern on how they can help with different situations but now that we are in a crisis they are refusing help.

this is my first step.

I will right call very one. I told them that if he gets out and harm him self that I will be in the media!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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