Cigna has reps who work for them in Claims especially in STD and LTD who are paid bonuses for claims they deny. Most people accept denials and forget.

While some of us don't they use their legal puppets to manipulate you with form letters. My husband lost his health and job in Oct 2011. He was paying for premiums for STD and LTD. It was no problem getting the STD claim processed for payment for the time frame.

Once that stopped they only paid his LTD for a short period of time regardless he had a Pulmonary Specialist who stated he could never work again. They denied and cut off his check in Feb 2013. While there was an SSA Disability application in process it does take a long time for these to complete. Bottom line Cigna was afraid he would collect his LTD and then be awarded his SSA payments.

Today we are speaking with an attorney to SUE their A$$ off.

We came close to losing our home. Never mind the emotional distress we went through of eating peanut butter for over a year and having to go on food stamps.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Disability Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Mason City, Iowa, United States #898559

They approved my std claim, cut me my first check. Then they turned around and stop paid the check and denied my claim!


I hope you win your suit and break their bank! They suck out loud!We pay their premiums but try to make claim.No paper work my @ss!

Florida, United States #894780

Seems to me they deny everyone. My policy through my employer had benefit of same job for two years, then any job after that.

Fortunately, Social Security approved me in two weeks from my submitting last of my paperwork. That's how obvious my condition is. After 2 years, Cigna sent me to a work comp doctor, a total quack who doesn't have a real office (rents temp space from physicians as he travels to "review" patients for insurance companies) My pulmonologist says I can't work, Social Security agrees, but Cigna decides I can work. Top it all off my receiving my case file with survalience that Cigna hired, showing me doing nothing outside the limits of my disability.

If you see a strange car sitting in your neighborhood and you're on Cigna disability, yes, they're watching you. I spoke to a couple of attorneys who said Cigna would settle for pennies on the dollar. I didn't bother, as Cigna knows most don't. But I spread the word.

The more people that know the truth, the less they will be able to deny legitimate claims in the future.

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