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Changed plan to save money in May2019. This is March and just received increase of $19.48/mo.

Incredible that these companies can do such large increases to seniors living on fixed incomes. Yet, during this virus, we see our democrats fighting for insurance for immigrants and not paying. What is wrong with this!!! Why, do we allow this to happen?

Not to mention next will be a letter to increase the RX plan. Plus, the continued notifications they will no longer cover a drug you need. Yet..we see them paying hollywood entertainers for ads. That must be a real saving for the senior.

Hypocrites. I would like to see this administration in WH take this on and really clean it up!!

This copy will be sent to Azar, Sameed, and others as the president. It is a disgrace!!!

User's recommendation: Back off from this ripoff company!!!!!

Location: Summerville, South Carolina

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All you need do to understand the whole situation is to look at who is voting for these people who go to Washington, D.C. as paupers and come out as millionaires----blame the public schools as a start.

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