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I would love to say what the great people at cigna has to say, but i cant. All i get is the computer.

I have been trying for 4 months to cancell and to this day they are still taking money out of my check. there are no dentist in my area (not that i need one, I have dentures.) Wal mart is the only people who take the vision, they are so cheap you dont need ins. My company has tried, I have tried, just how in the world do you get in touch with these people? They have taken me for almost a hundred dollar or more at this point.

Is there a dollar amount they need to get to before they will allow me to cancell??? terir Ins sucks and I want my money back!!! Preferably with the interst they have made using it. Also, We have two (2) dentist in my area 1.

Is not taking new patients, the other wont answer his phone. (just by chance they are both in the same office) and as for vision I can get a pair of glasses using my ins for the small price of around $400.00 for single vision. or go to wal mart and pay 200.00. for glasses that cost out of pocket around 150.00.

with ins. cigna sucks

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Ummm I hate to say this but it is your employer taking the money out of your check for your insurance not the insurance company. If you want to have your plan cancelled you need to talk to your employer to cancel it not the healthcare company.

You can keep calling if you dont believe me but it is a 100 percent chance that when you do get a hold of someone at CIGNA that is what they are going to tell you.

So don't gripe about how they are taking money out of your check when its your employer and you should be bi**ching at them instead. :roll

How long did you wait on the phone? Or did you just hang up after 5 mins?

You prob have a HMO plan. Payless expect less.

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