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My Father is only 66 years old. He suffered a stroke 1 year ago with a mild right lower extremity residual, however after attending outpatient therapy he was able to walk with a cane.

Last October he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and underwent a right tonsillectomy and a right neck dissection with removal of malignant lymph nodes, we did not purpose chemo or radiation as my father’s stroke symptoms exacerbate and worsen proceeding surgery or illness. He is 9 months cancer free. All these battles my father has won only to have become immobile secondary to vascular compromise in which he suffered for months until finally sent to the emergency room by his primary care physician. My father screamed in pain every 15 to 20 min for over 24 hrs until he underwent stent placement in the right leg (which is also the lower extremity affected by the stroke).

Post stent placement my father’s right leg was unable to move at all, he was unable to stand or bear weight and the shaking of his leg worsened to the point he was unable to stop it from moving, he then spiked a fever and was screaming in pain reported a burning in his feet which was of new onset. The fantastic team of doctors worked together to come up with a medication regimen that finally allowed my father to move his leg again. However his stroke symptoms and neurological disability worsen to the point he spent 13 days in the hospital. It took 5 days to get him to stand (and not well) and 7 days to take a few steps with 2 assist and a walker and again this is a severe decline even worse than when he suffered the stroke.

CIGNA REFUSED to cover the necessary rehab and forced my father to endure more pain after he had been accepted by the best stroke rehab facility they refused to cover it, ultimately sending my young father to a place that is best described as a nursing home with every patient rolling around the hallways in wheelchairs and not in a facility to best meet his needs to return home quickly with a better outcome. On top of that CIGNA REFUSED to provide transport (AGAIN MY FATHER CANNOT WALK ) so my husband and I had to manage the taxing effort of trying to get him in and out of the car. It broke my heart to have watched him struggle and now I had to make him suffer in and out of a vehicle which causes headaches and dizziness as he has difficulty controlling his right leg. I am insulted my father would be treated like nobody like a dollar sign without regard for his person or the undue harm caused to him and his family.

This inhumane treatment needs to be exposed as my parents live in a less than middle class status all do to the expense of CIGNA and the cost for medical treatment. At one point CIGNA TREATENED to deny covering his whole hospitalization which was 13 days inpatient. My father, family and myself are tortured emotionally by this mistreatment.

All we want is to have my father home and healthy and CIGNA denial in providing services that are covered through their plan is threatening my father’s overall well-being and recovery. He sat in a hospital for four extra days because the insurance would not approve his rehabilitation, the Burke hospital inpatient costs less than continuing to sit in a hospital when he was ready for discharge and slowed his progress to getting home.

Reason of review: inhumane and unacceptable refusal of providing essential services.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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