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My DR.pulled me out of work as a tractor trailer driver for thoracic mlyeopathy 2 herneatrd discs and a fatty tumor in my spinal membrane pushing on my spinal cord dr.said no driving, no lifting,no bending ,ect you could do permanet injury to your spinal cord or paralize yourself.

cigna says we need more info! this is how cigna plays its game trying to presure out of work people to go back to work or loose your house car and everything youve worked for and the companys that choose cigna for there employees are well aware of this tatic!

thats why companys that only act like they care about there employees give them cigna your H.R rep call your states insureance regulators apeal all there unjustafied denals.have all your co-workers sighn a petition to get cigna out as your carrier.because if you are unable to work bye the time you get done trying to fight cigna you will have reuined your credit, lost your house,lost your car, ect,trust me get them out now before it happens to you.when your company choose a dirt bag company like cigna the only concern was how much!! not how good is the coverage.

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