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I am at my wits end with this companies deceitful and crooked practice. They have ripped my life apart while taking my money while unemployed.

for 2 years since my accident I maintained a very expensive policy to have procedures covered I got letters of approvals on. After beginning my surgical procedures they kept denying claims, making my physicians jump through hoops, losing documents, have nothing documented in their system and each denial was unrelated to each other or my claim. it's like they literally chose ANY reason to deny the claim that was irrelevant to me. They approved a claim my doctors began surgery.

I was to go back and finish the other phases of this procedure and Cigna would not approve. I am stuck with a longterm disability unable to go back to work. I have pins hanging out and can not complete the procedure. My LT disability benefits ran out and I am not making any money, I'm still disabled and Cigna will not pay out.

Not only was I not working but they continued to bleed 300 dollars a month out of me for over 2 years and wasted my money while I could have used that toward my procedure.

Horrible unethical company! I can not wait to take these guys to court for all the hardship they've caused.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Disability Insurance.

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I don't know if I count, but I am a provider who has been waiting to be paid for on a number of claims since February! No matter what I do I cannot get them to reimburse me!

I'm so frustrated I'm ready to just retire and get out of this mess and retire! They owe me hundreds of dollars and I don't know how to get them to pay it!

Norwalk, Connecticut, United States #751229

I have had the same problem with them. They have conveniently "lost" numerous claims I have filed.

I have spend countless hours of my time on the phone with them, faxing and refaxing documents, etc.

I don;t know what to do next. They are the worst.


Any word on how the law suit is going? I was supposed to have COBRA through CIGNA but they have completely screwed me over. They didn't get me the paperwork until right before the initial coverage deadline, then I was required to pay for the initial 2 months of coverage that I didn't have. So I had to pay cash for medications and MD appointments, then pay them for the coverage I never got.

Then I tried to prepay for a 3 month time span - Oct, Nov, Dec. Sent them the check at the end of September, and it was not cashed until 11/26, despite multiple follow up emails to ask them what was going on. Do I get reimbursement for the two months I did not have coverage? NO. Complete ***.

I've been trying to find any information about class action lawsuits - as the bilk you for enough money that it completely screws you over, but not enough to make it worth hiring an attorney individually.....

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