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Still dealing with the Cigna mess. No closer to solving.

My complaints to media were ignored. People need to go to the media. If there are enough complaints, perhaps something will happen. ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, anyone you can think of.

This needs to be exposed to the public & investigated. People are being destroyed by this.

You expect SSA, or other government programs to give you a hard time, but not a Private insurer with a supposedly good reputation. People who work hard do not get sick on purpose & should not be forced to suffer like this.

Original review posted by user Nov 08, 2011

What CIGNA has done to me & countless others is sickening and inexcusable. People should notify the media.

I was denied short-term disability for no good reason. No income since August 2011 with no end in sight. This company only gives you the run-around. I swear I was going mad over all the PAPERWORK they wanted!

They deny you for some ridiculous reason.

If you hire an attorney, by the time the case is settled you will have lost everything you have worked for. Do an Internet search on CIGNA disability complaints to see the complaints that are posted.

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Worst experience with a company. EVER.

$7,000 may not seem like a lot, but Cigna's denial of my short-term disability after two months (plus premiums paid voluntarily!) is inexcusable. I jumped through every hoop they required and they also wasted countless hours of my doctor's time. Not enough medical documentation? P-L-E-A-S-E.

All appeals exhausted. The ERISA attorney I met with said it's not worth his time and work for a "mere $7K." Could also take years. At least he had more integrity than Cigna!

I feel so defeated.

Miami, Florida, United States #798334

CIGNA has also screwed me over, harrassed me, made me more sick than I was before. I feel like it's a David and Goliath scenario...

CIGNA uses every trick in the book to evade, confuse, and essentially screw over their clients.

DO NOT GET CIGNA!!!!! They are inhumane bastards.

to Unlucky #798692
I could not have said it better myself.. This company and SSA destroyed my life..
My husband and I are now losing our home for sure and most like face a homeless shelter, because he doesn't make enough money to support two people..
You work hard for 30 years and pay into the system and this is what happens..

There is no safety net for people who get sick..
SSA is just as evil.. Their own doctor said I was disabled, but this "hanging judge" who sees you over a video conference used some doctor in Texas who'd never even talked to me to over-ride the SSA doctors decision. It makes me sick.. This doctor who'd never seen me or talked to me didn't even have all of my medical records..

Now I'm stuck waiting another year for a decision from Cigna or SSA.. It may eventually be settled, but even if it is..

Its just too late.. :cry
All of us victims need to shout it from the roof-tops!! There is no excuse for the *** people go through.

I worked for that benefit and thought it would be there as a cushion in the event of an illness. Here it is 14 months later, I still have no benefit and am forced to just suffer while I lose everything I've ever worked for. I don't know if I should feel better or worse because of other victims, I just know that someone needs to stop them.

The media isn't going to pay attention to one person, everyone needs to raise *** about this company. :cry

I forgot to add that this stress had made me even sicker than before. I can't sleep, I fall, it goes on & on. This really stinks.

to furiousinindiana #643129
OH! and LOOK!!! The CIGNA PAID TROLL POSSE POSTED TOO...HOW SWEET! :grin They are a TOTAL waste of time and wil not do squat to help is just a bbbuuullllssshhiiiittt public relations campaign to make it look like Cigna actually cares :sigh WHAT A *** LIE! :(

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

All those PAPERS they said never got faxed or the never got in the mail!! THEY TELL THAT BULL TO EVERYONE THEY SCREW!
They have "nurses" that lie about your ability to work and have never even seen you..and I STRONGLY suspect they are not really even nurses at all. :(

BECAUSE YOU NATIONAL MEDIA is bought and sold by these HUGE ADVERTISERS! And many local papers and TV are scared to death of lawsuits if they don't dot the i's and cross all the t's in their reports just right! IT IS INSANE WHAT CIGNA GETS AWAY WITH! :x

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