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Below is my experience with Cigna My name is Dee Dee and my son is addicted to opiates. Now I am not saying that to garner any sympathy here, I am well aware of how much of society feels about that, but for anybody that has suggested my son get help, he did.

He reached out for help. Now I don't know if anybody has looked around as of late but my son is not some anomaly here, in fact, this addiction, and addiction as a whole, has hit pandemic proportions in this country, any healthcare worker with their salt would agree with that statement. This is about opiate addiction. It is killing young people in alarming numbers, it oftentimes, and odds are pretty promising here, leads to heroin addiction.

The heroin addict is no longer your grandmas heroin addict, they are young, they are the boy or girl next door, and they are dropping like flies out here. In fact, I had to stop seeking help for myself because of that, I couldn't stand to hear of yet another parent talk about yet another death of a young person to this disease, or, if you'd prefer I not call it a "disease", it was just simply too much for me to bear to hear of yet another death of somebody's kid from this thing. The numbers are staggering. It always amazes me when I see someone complain about our workforce, how there is no skilled labor and/or employers are just having a hard time finding good employees, I always think, well, duh, we're eat up with mental illness and addiction in this country people, have a look around.

In one year, drug overdoses killed more Americans than the entire Vietnam War did. Overdoses are now the leading cause of death of Americans, they kill more people than car accidents, gun deaths (homicide and suicide), heart attacks; they are now the leading cause of death in America and it appears to just be getting worse, they continue to rise. But they are not all dead, many of them are trying to maintain, they are trying, and they are going to work. Addiction costs employers $81 billion a year.

Young people are the hardest hit by this pandemic, 18-25, trust me, many of these parents would love it if their son or daughter was well enough to get a trade, go for that skilled job, etc., but many aren't well enough right now, sorry. So, for anybody that has suggested my son get help, well, he did. He reached out for help and we were certainly pretty happy about that and definitely full of hope. So, 5 days in, Cigna cut off benefits.

5 days. Apparently Cigna is known for this, they are known for only approving 5-7 days of care when somebody reaches out for help and from what I understand they are even worse when it comes to mental illness. That is not enough time people, ask anybody that knows anything about this, that is not enough time. The facility my son was in recommended that he do extended inpatient care, 21 days, or, at a minimum at least step one, 14 days, and they denied him, even after appeal.

At 5 days in they were letting my son know that Cigna may not approve any more days and to go ahead and have his bags packed. That hurt my heart for him. So, a professional in this field recommended somebody needed the additional care and with a stroke of a pen it's denied. I mean what's the point of having doctors, why don't we all go to the guy's desk that denied my son and have him fix addiction and mental illness in this country, I mean, even when the facility did all of the appeals saying, no, please reconsider, he needs it and he wants it, they denied it.

Needless to say we were blindsided, I mean we thought we did everything right. We had insurance, he was the one that reached out for the care himself, we did everything right, and 5 days in, BAM, told he would have to leave, and at $750 per day I was pretty powerless over that and in my best strong voice I could muster up I let him know I was on my way. I actually begged them to let him stay, at least for step one for goodness sake. I told them if they would just let him stay that I swear we will drop the insurance after that and they would never see another claim.

I begged them, like a crazy person, my voice has never sounded so desperate. I asked a guy why he would be denied when it was being recommended and swear to God, this is what the guy on the phone said to me, "ma'am, even if they recommend it I might say, why, they are getting up at 7 in the morning". Like what does that even mean? I was speechless.

Jordon let me know that he prayed for it. He laid there one night and prayed that his stay would be covered. Cigna, my son, or as you may know him, 10383****, needed that care. He was not asking for much, just the care that was being recommended for him, nothing above and beyond that.

Nothing. I have no doubt in my mind that you people know that 5 days is not adequate care, I know that you know that. If anybody else has been in a similar situation, and I know there are many, whereas Cigna has denied mental health care or substance abuse care that was recommended for them by a professional in that field, please private message me. For anybody that might want to say anything negative about my post, save it, I've already heard how all of you perfect people feel about mental illness and addiction in this country, and you can look at it like this, I am trying to do all of society a favor here which affects you as well, we are all affected by this disease, or by this, "thing", if you'd prefer, it affects society as a whole, no matter how much you think it is a non-issue.

I promised Cigna I was coming for them and I am, I don't care if I am a party of 1 standing on the rooftops, I am coming, and they will know my son's name.

If you just so happen to be one of those people that couldn't care less about this, or any of the others, and you know who you are, it's you that may something along the lines of, well, good, another dead junkie et al., that's fine, I get it, but at a minimum, if all you are going to lend is something nasty, just think of being quiet, all of these loved ones know how you feel. These loved ones, these countless parents, they shouldn't have to be ashamed, you shouldn't go out of your way to make these people feel like that, you are pushing them in to isolation, you are making them feel ashamed, and that doesn't help, our loved ones need us to be strong.

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