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My heart is breaking so much right now as I sit here writing this review. The tears are uncontrollably streaming down my face.

My hands and fingers are trembling that it's difficult for me to even type. My stomach is twisted in terrible knots probably since I haven't been able to eat in almost 3 days. Just a few days ago, my 26 year old grand-daughter finally lost her battle with leukemia. She had been struggling with this for several months, and Cigna penny-pinched EVERY STEP OF THE WAY trying to find ways to weasel out of covering her potentially lifesaving procedures which she needed.

Every single day of my grand-daughter's struggle with leukemia was actually an easy victory compared to the even bigger nightmare our entire family had to endure fighting with Cigna to get them to do the right thing. It is true that my grand-daughter did have some underlying medical complications, so I will freely admit that. However, it is also my firm opinion that her quality of life - and maybe her life as a whole quite probably could have been prolonged and enhanced if Cigna hadn't delayed providing coverage on numerous occasions. My grand-daughter's battle with leukemia began towards the end of last year, 2018 and her condition got progressively worse over time throughout this year: 2019.

Every step of the way, Cigna put my entire family through a hellish nightmare by denying, denying, and denying over and over again practically every single procedure which she had needed. Every single time that she needed something additional to prolong her life, Cigna found a way to try to weasel out of covering it. Only after our family finally got lawyers involved, did Cigna start to eventually back down a little bit. I could go on and on about all of the details surrounding my grand-daughter's devastating leukemia diagnosis over the past several months, but I won't because it's too depressing.

And it would probably be too depressing for viewers to read here. And besides that really isn't my reason for publishing such a long, candidly expressed review of Cigna as an insurer. It's not with bitterness and scorn, nearly as much as it is with personal conviction and purpose that I publish this review simply to warn other consumers out there about the horrific nightmarish experience that my family - but mostly my poor grand-daughter had to endure. Whether you as an informed consumer do or do not choose to use the services offered by Cigna, is really a personal decision that I cannot (and won't) be able to make for you.

However, our society has changed so much in just the past couple of decades. We really are at an inflection point in which we as American consumers now more than ever, are demanding transparency about the terms and conditions of various products and services (i.e. insurance policies) which we purchase. And that really is my goal in publishing this review: to provide anyone reading this right now the opportunity to be armed with certain information which they might need to make an informed decision about their own health and what type of insurance and/or what kind of carrier they will choose to use.

If my story here does end up serving as a cautionary tale in helping a prospective insured make a decision to opt for a different insurer besides Cigna, then so be it. And if the opposite result occurs, then that is fine too.

Yet in honor and beloved memory of my dearly departed grand-daughter, I personally feel that is at least necessary for me as her surviving grand-mother - now as her voice, since she no longer has one, to at least share her 'story' with the world. Thank you for reading, make your own informed decisions about what suits your best health insurance needs, and above all else stay blessed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Nothing and no amount of money is worth the cost of a human life. Just do the right thing for once..

Cigna Cons: Corporate greed.

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This is very similar to CIGNA's actions with Nataline Sarkisyan back on 12/20/2007. They basically told Hilda and Krikor Sarkisyan that their only daughter's life wasn't worth 'X' amount of dollars.

(Google it for yourself: Nataline Sarkisyan) Then you will learn all about Nataline's tragic story and how CIGNA essentially left her to die in her time of need, with zero compassion for either her or her family. To add insult to injury, CIGNA had spent only days earlier, almost the same amount of money (back in December of 2007) to finance a very posh, lavish party for all of their executives and stakeholders in order to discuss how "profitable" their quarter had just been during that time period. Yet meanwhile, Nataline Sarkisyan was literally slowly dying, day by day, while CIGNA greedily and so ruthlessly stood by and did absolutely nothing for her! The only saving grace to that tragic story from December 20 of 2007 was how one of CIGNA's public relations executives by the name of Wendell Potter left that company only weeks later, in order to start advocating for the average consumer, against the insurance companies like CIGNA.

All of this information (not slander or libel by the way, but instead FACTUAL information) is readily available in any basic Google search of Nataline Sarkisyan. God rest her soul, and may her own story serve as a cautionary tale for others in determining what type of insurance coverage they ultimately decide to purchase. Just like you, Devastated Grandmother, I would strongly advise any future consumers against purchasing any type of CIGNA product, service, or insurance. CIGNA also denied something on the basis of "not medically necessary" for me personally, just like they'd done in the Sarkisyan case.

All of it was simply a ploy to weasel out of covering a procedure which they know in their heart and conscience, really is medically necessary. So honestly, my heart is breaking just as much as yours is right now, Devastated Grandmother, at how unethical CIGNA still is. Yes, you are correct, and I do agree with you 100% that they do put profits before people.

Very sadly, CIGNA just doesn't ever seem to learn their lessons of how irreparable the harm is to their public image whenever they treat you, me, and all of the other "Nataline Sarkisyans" out there - who probably haven't had the opportunity of having their stories shared and told - in the manner which they do. Keep holding onto faith, Devastated Grandmother, because God will stand in final judgement of us all, including CIGNA.

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