I'm no fan of any health insurer, as a Dr, they all should be disbanded(as if) or limited to accessory health insurance over & above a universal plan for all Americans, Senators included. And as a Cigna insured, I see private insurers scrambling, as they always do, to evade and avoid paying claims to offset the new government mandated coverages. One thing I will state is that all your new policies are stronger than the 2013 pre-O-care policy.

I will be filing complaints with my state's insurance commission(big deal-usually retired insurance execs) for a denied claim for 3 hours in an ER. I will try to negotiate with the ER company(most are NOT part of hospitals but independent contracted ER businesses).

And if need be , I'll file suits against my insurer and handle it in small claims myself. Only about $1200 but it's a battle to pick to set an example.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

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