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Update by user Jan 28, 2018

1-28-2018 This year a second check was received from Cigna again trying to settle the unpaid Life Insurance policy of $ 10,000. The check for $45.00 is to settle the debt.

Obviously I denied this attempt.

Cigna has not learned yet and continues the same poor service and denial of benefits. Customers Beware of Cigna Health insurance and Life Insurance

Update by user Jan 01, 2016

The amount of life Insurance for my wife was $10,000.00 In my review the amount of loss was somehow in error placed at $100.00.

The loss is $ 10,000.00

Yesterday 12-31-2015 I got a letter from Cigna Life Insurance with an offer to pay me all the funds in my cash accumulation account of $ 44.32.

This is named as a death claim surrender.

My life insurance claim at my wife's death was 39 months ago. 39 months to act on a life insurance policy ???

This in itself represents what others could expect from Cigna General Life Insurance.

In all fairness the full amount of the life insurance policy of $10,000.00 needs to be paid to me, with interest and penalties and a

a sincere letter of apology.

Original review posted by user Nov 24, 2015

My employer offered Cigna life insurance to all employees. It included a special offer to provide up to $10,000.00 life insurance for a spouse.

The selling feature was listed as No medical questions required.

Guaranteed coverage .

Upon her death Cigna failed to uphold their obligation and rejected the claim. The reason for rejecting the claim was the information they got from a hospital and doctor's practice about my wife's condition. In addition they made a statement that the policy would only be covered if my wife was well and working at the time of death. This was NOT in the policy that Guarenteed coverage.

This was only a $ 10,000.00 policy to cover some of funeral and burial expenses and I was treated as if I was attempting to illegally make a claim. The only avenue I had to appeal was to Cigna itself and my appeal was denied.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Claim.

Reason of review: Deceived by this company.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Cigna Cons: Terrible customer service, No accountability.

  • Denied Life Insurance
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I could not agree more. This company is not very good at all.

My mom worked for them and when she passed away my dad noticed that the payout was supposed to be 10 times her salary but the HR lady "accidentally "put 5 times her salary. They basically said oops sorry but there's nothing we can do. Also my mother had left a percentage to my daughter. Since she was a minor I would have to get an attorney so I could get guardianship of my daughters estate otherwise they would place her portion into an interest bearing account until she turns 18.

We that was 10 years ago and we have not once received any kind of statement letting us know how much interest it's gained or status of ***. That's ridiculous to not keep people up to date about their own money.


You could also gather all your paperwork and take it to a lawyer and sue them extra for the added emotional distress you had to endure because of them. If you in your heart know you are right why are you not doing this? You better read that small print or have you already?

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