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I am a full time college student about to graduate with my bachelors this spring. I have been on my parents policy for the last 3 plus years. I decided to go to the doctor last week and was denied because I was told that I did not have insurance despite the CIGNA card stating that my policy was in effect.

My mother and I contacted the CIGNA customer service department and were told that I had not been insured for the past year. Despite payments being deducted from my mother's account and being issued cards that stated otherwise.

I have submitted the necessary documents every time they were required. When I was supposedly "dropped" no notification was given by CIGNA. I told them that we wanted our money back for paying about a years worth of premiums that included me on the insurance and I was told that they do not give refunds.

Rest assured they will be hearing from my lawyer within the end of the year and we will be reimbursed for the money we paid for services that were not rendered.

My suggestion to you is if you have CIGNA, pick up your phone and verify all your policy with them immediately and then start the process to find another company.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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I'm sorry this happened to you. If I can help, please email your contact info to SCR_isolve@cigna.com

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