I have repeatedly had problems with cigna, It took the mississippi insurance commission to straighten things out last time (I spent nearly 200 hours of my own time and 11 months trying to fix the mess) and it looks like we are headed there again. In addition they claim they will not make you change doctors (transition of care) when you are in the middle of chemo.

They gave me 8 days to find a new doctor between rounds 3 and 4 of chemo. They lie, don't do what they say they are doing, they currently are charging me an office visit for the pathologist (tissue sample sent to the pathologist from an office visit so needs billed under lab and they didn't pay under my lab benefits, they paid under office visit WTF?

They are incompetent, frustrating to deal with, don't do what they say they will do. I hate this company.

They also called finishing the breast cancer reconstruction "vanity surgery" and refused to pay (there is a federal law requiring them to pay!!!).

After almost a year of fighting with them they finally relented on that. The supervisor talks over you and doesn't listen.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #787257
I am looking in to buying health insurance,from cigna and apreciate the feedback :)
to abe #1348770

Look else where for insurance!!!! I've had trouble with prescriptions, won't approve tests that are NEEDED, co payments on prescriptions are through the roof, and short term disability is a joke!

They lie,lie and lie. Don't call or return calls.

Say they requested something from the see and never did!! I've been reading reviews and complaints for 5 days now, trying to get information about suing them.


I've been fighting Cigna for at least 10 straight months and they have yet to resolve an issue. No one is returning calls (head of facility, billing supervisors, etc).

I've never seen anything so messed up in my life. I'm working to get a formal complaint against them (tons of documentation), but, like you, I've already spent hundreds of man-hours on this & trying to consolidate everything for the Dept. of Ins.

is a challenge. These people need SERIOUS auditing, penalties, etc.

Bristol, Connecticut, United States #702840

Hello. I'm so sorry for the trouble you've experienced.

I'd like to look into these issues for you.

Please email me at LetUsHelpU@cigna.com. I can help.

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