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On April 15,2013 I suffered a female hemorrhage. i have been a nurse for over 33 years and have never called in sick for any condition except severe illness.

I even worked my shift the following day. By Wed. the 17th I was too weak to work. I saw a surgeon's NP, but surgery could not be done until Friday the 19th.

By the time my surgery was done my Hgb. was 7.7 and I received a blood transfusion. As I was then office nurse coordinator,knowing vacations were ahead, I pled with my doctor to return to work 4 days post-op. I reported to Cigna on 4/19/13 I needed to take STD, but then called them on 4/24/13 to let them know I had returned to work.

I worked 13 hours the first day back with extreme fatigue,headache, and left arm pain. I worked on 4/25/13, but by then the pain became so unbearable I could not even drive, so my husband took me to a chiropractor,to no avail. By Friday, 4/26/13 evening I began experiencing the worst headache of my life, with severe hypertension BP 175/105 accompanied by left unilateral body pain, and left side numbness. I feared as did my doctor, I was having a stroke.

Once again, I called Cigna and reported a seperate STD incident. Testing was done, and my problem was determined to be a severe migraine, and severe degenerative disc disease (3 herniated disc). After 1 day inpatient observation I was released home, but continued to be plagued by intractable arm pain, headaches, and strange tremors which ewould affect my neck muscles. Long story made short, I have been unable to return to work due to the pain.

I will not even waste space with the rude behavior I have been subjected to by Cigna. I was put through all the conservative measures. Physical therapy, pain clinic cervical epidural injections, all to no avail. I have lost my office management position of 16 years, and am currently on administrative leave.

I just underwent an anterior cervical discectomy with fusion C4-5 5-6 6-7. I feel this was the right decision and I am nearly pain free! My benefits specialist at the hospital where I work assured me, at least CIGNA will have to pay after your surgery. but today, upon calling my Appeals Representative Susan at Cigna, I was informed Cigna will not pay me anything.

The thing I am thankful for,even though CIGNA denied my FMLA, and short term disability I still have insurance and the possibility of a job until Oct. 11. So my employer honored my fmla and administrative leave, however I still have no paycheck. I am not sure where to turn except to God who understands and has a special place for those who don't repent of this crime.

I have contacted my Congressman, the State Attorney General, and will alert any other consumer watchdog group I can find. This is a travesty that we americans are letting happen to us. Isn't that one of the reasons our forefathers stood up for what was right and declared give me liberty or give me death! I am not versed in legal matters but perhaps if we all banded together and got the truth out a stand for justice would be made and this band of thieves would pay the penalty for their actions.

P.S. I am looking for a good attorney :) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Disability Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $9219.

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i dont see any cigna reps making any connents here or offering any kind of help like on otherposted complaints.. i wonder why? :eek


Cigna has nothing to do with FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act - it's a government mandated act). Employees who work for companies with over a certain number of people working there are covered by FMLA and the employer is the one who decides if the medical evidence provided covers the employee's unpaid job security for up to 12 weeks (taken all at once or over a period of time). I do agree though, Cigna disability coverage sucks (that's due to ERISA allowing them to get away with murder).

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