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Cigna denied my MRI.... I have a bulging disc which is very painful since 2015 and my doctor ordered an MRI exam but CIGNA denied it two times!

Because Cigna knows that there's a reason for an MRI....and the reason is for me getting a surgery. CIGNA doesn't want to pay for the surgery nor the MRI because the MRI determines the injury CIGNA IS THE WORST!! CIGNA IS SATAN! CIGNA IS A MONEY COLLECTOR BUSINESS NOTHING ELSE!


Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I had an MRI and it revealed a complex tear in my knee....2 weeks before the surgery cigna denied they would pay...its December and my deductible is down....they will probably approve it for January when my deductible starts over...they suck....they always have excuses...they blamed the doctors office that they did not send enough info....bullshit...how much info do you need....well I hope my knee gives out totally then they will pay me to stay home on disability as well...then I will get a lawyer and sue them for the delay when it could have been fixed with minimal problems....its all a scam....they are all in bed together


Greedy Pigs! They do NOT like to pay claims.

Especially Long Term Disability Claims. Just Google CIGNA LTD Complaints. Executive Compensation As President and Chief Executive Officer at CIGNA CORP, David M. Cordani made $18,944,045 in total compensation.

Name and title total compensation Timothy C. Wentworth President, Express Scripts & Cigna Services $8,875,346 Nicole S. Jones Executive Vice President, General Counsel $4,009,355 Jason D. Sadler President, International Markets $3,526,008 David M.

Cordani President and Chief Executive Officer $18,944,045 Alan M. Muney M.D. Former Executive Vice President, Total Health Network & Chief Medical Officer $5,862,659 Christopher J.

Hocevar Former President, Strategy, Segments & Solutions $5,352,336 Eric P. Palmer Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer $4,770,408


Don’t ever use Cigna for anything if you need quality insurance. The company does not care about people, and the only thing they appear to care about is appeasing their shareholders.

And if that means denying you medically needed care because of the incurred expenses on their corporate balance sheets that comes attached to paying valid claims, well then you’re pretty much out of luck. Every denial of service and care which Cigna can successfully pull off, means that much more in their own greedy pockets! For more than 28 years, I always paid my premiums on time and in the full amount. The premiums were actually rather expensive, but I purchased the policy back in the early ‘90s just in case I would ever need it.

Would you believe that Cigna stopped covering a couple of different medications which I have needed all my life to properly control my diabetes? The company just stopped covering the medications, but no explanation was ever given. How can this be? This is the same medication I’d been taken for over 45 plus years, never without issue.

Cigna didn’t even offer me the option of a generic medication substitute either. They just cold, flat-out stopped covering my potentially lifesaving diabetes medications which I need to keep my condition under control. I’ve gone through every complaint, grievance, and appeal process they have, yet the answer is still the same: ‘this is experimental and not medically necessary.’ That’s their favorite catchall quote which they use to avoid paying valid claims. Seriously, all jokes aside, I almost feel like your spleen could be falling out of your body, and Cigna would still probably find some way to avoid covering that because it’s ‘not medically necessary.’ My battle with Cigna of trying to get them to reconsider and cover my diabetes medications has been going on for well over a year, and quite honestly, I’m just so sick and tired of their shenanigans.

I’m out literally thousands of dollars so far because of this company’s callous, insensitive disregard for one of their member’s health. My medical bills are skyrocketing high, and I’m in serious jeopardy of losing my home right now due to all of the bills which keep piling up which I cannot afford. The company couldn’t care less though, all they do is promise “to make it right” then you get the same runaround time after time after time… The end result is that Cigna stopped covering my diabetes medications well over a year ago, which I truly need to avoid going into diabetic comas (which happened to me four times in the past year alone) I honestly feel like maybe the company would rather prefer you die i.e. of serious diabetes complications, versus doing the right thing and covering truly ‘medically necessary’ services and care for their insureds.

Maybe if enough people read my story here, they will strongly reconsider deciding to purchase insurance through Cigna. The company will be there in a flash to accept your insurance premiums, thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of many years.

Yet they will run so far in the opposite direction when it’s time to finally pay out a valid and medically needed claim. What a travesty that an insurer as large and as global as Cigna is should choose to conduct itself in this callous, cold-hearted manner with apparent zero regard for human life or care quality.


I agree. Same here.

Ortho wants to determine a herniated disc and or pinched nerve in my neck with excruciating pain through my left shoulder down my arm. Horrible, breath taking pain and makes me sick to my stomach. Cigna said NOPE, but my 2ndary approved it. Since my primary Cigna, declined well automatically UHC will decline.

So Cigna said I have to do other means for 6 weeks before they'll consider an MRi. Unbelievable. I'm in horrible pain.

Barely turn my head to the left... Contimplsting going to ER


I've had the EXACT same experience. All other tests failed to product a diagnosis, but I still have a medical issue where I can't walk and am in severe pain.

Cigna wants some doctor on their payroll to have a phone call with my doctor first - and have put it off for almost 2 weeks. The only work around is to just to the ER.

There are higher co-pays, but they'll be able to get the imaging done without going through all the nonsense. It'll actually cost Cigna more, and will cost me more, but that's the sad state of insurance today!


Getting the same runaround. Cigna has been great until you really need the insurance


Yes Just had the same experience, except its to review a brain lesion. This is the only affordable insurance available in my area.

Sad but Im sure there are laws protecting patients who were denied a test that could have saved a life or limb. Time to call an attorney.


So can you sue them for denying health care. Do they think their Gods. So if conditions found occurring for lack of MRI that could have been avoided or affects someone’s the rest of their life I would sue them for negligence,,


Cigna is a horrifying monstrosity - a malignancy that continuously feeds on itself.


I purchased Long Term Disability Insurance with CIGNA (LINA) for about 25 years prior to making a claim. The insurance was offered through my employer State Farm.

CIGNA covered 2 years of my disability (after the 6 month wait), however now they are performing a two year review for any occupation. An IME (Independent Medical Exam) has been scheduled by CIGNA for me, even though Social Security approved my claim on the first review. My medical records/history is very extensive, covering multiple surgeries and procedures in an attempt to try and make my conditions manageable; however they just keep getting worse. The pain is excruciating, it affects my sleeping, moods, mobility, relationships, everything in my life.

It started out with Endometriosis in my mid early to mid-twenties, which ended up in a total Hysterectomy. The Endometriosis developed into Fibromyalgia, which then also was complicated my Diffuse Small Fiber Neuropathy (diagnosed as a result of a Skin Punch Biopsy). This affects my bladder, causing incontinence which is unable to be helped by Rx medications as I am beyond that point. I can wear heavy adult protection, with a heavy pad, all meant for adults with Incontinence, but when stressed it has gone through all my protection, soaking my blue jeans, causing me to have to put a towel on my car seat to drive home.

I have Mental and Cognitive issues, which are in large due to my Physical Conditions which are all predicted to stay the same or get worse. There is NO prognosis for the medical conditions to ever get better, and or improve. From the voluminous amount of complaints by claimants about CIGNA on the Internet, I fully expect them to deny my claim as this is standard procedure for the company so their CEO, and VP's can make all the money they do being overpaid for denying valid claims as indicated by past State Insurance Department investigations, fines, rulings. I have a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Physician, Rheumatologist, and Neuropsychologist who all support my disability and have written letters explaining the same along with what they are basing it on.

I also have an Urologist who can support my Bladder/Incontinence issues, along with a prior Pain Management Doctor who after several procedures said there was nothing else he could do for me, as everything he could try was exhausted. I also provided a complete record from my prior Rheumatologist who I went to for years prior to my new one. CIGNA (LINA) has immense amount of test results, history of countless failed procedures performed in an attempt to alleviate my pain and urinary issues with no success, record of past missed work, and medical history which all backs my claim as being legitimate. *It is amazing just how many times CIGNA claims to not have received documentation even though the medical provider or us have included the Incident Number with a cover sheet, and every other place we are sending that information has received it.

Also how many times the Medical Examiners reviewing the documentation for CIGNA take only certain words or sentences from a claimants Medical Providers to bolster their case, IE CIGNA Cherry Picks what they want to use, and disregards what does not support CIGNA’s case. For those suffering or those family members and friends going through this: I strongly encourage using this website as a means to voice your issues/concerns, along with writing your State Insurance Department and the Insurance Department for whatever state your disability policy was written in. Also writing the State Insurance Departments that previously investigated and fined CIGNA in the past Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Pennsylvania, as a means of letting those agencies know even though they cannot address your claim (if the policy and or state you live in is not in their jurisdiction) that things have not changed with CIGNA, so hopefully the States reinvestigate CIGNA and fine them again. Your State Legislature, Local Official’s, News Agencies such as Daily Mail, CBS, NBC, ABC, ETC.

are all worth writing, along with Social Media and CIGNA’s Executives (once you have your handling Reps Email Address then you should be able to figure out the Executive Email Addresses by using the same format).

The more people that fight this Mega Company the more chance they will be held responsible for their crimes of greed, dishonesty, and Bad Faith Claims Handling all for The Powerful Almighty Dollar. CIGNA has a massive amount of Lawyers and Lobbyist to make sure the deck is stacked in their favor, so only through a mass effort can we hope to change Corporate America.


David.Cordani@CIGNA.com (CEO) do not bother with "CGIConsumerAdvocacy@Cigna.com" as they give lip service to pretend the company (CIGNA) gives a damn when they do not give a c-ap!


The CIGNA rep called today to advise their doctor (the CIGNA doctor) is waiting for a return call from one of my wife's medical providers, the Neuropsychologist, in the event we wanted to followup to make sure their call is returned. What is amazing is the letter from the Neuropsychologist is very clear regarding the medical issues preventing my wife from working.

We feel it is very clear as well that CIGNA contacts the medical providers even if no clarification is needed, in order to sqew the statements received in in order to make them support CIGNA's predetermination, that EVERY ONE CAN WORK NO MATTER WHAT. PER CIGNA IF YOU CAN FEED YOURSELF, AND ANSWER THE PHONE, THEN YOU CAN WORK!!!!!! ****Keep this in mind when you are looking into using them for LTD, and consider policies outside of what State Farm offers. Also I read the CEO David Cordani made around 49 Million in 2016.





I am going through the same thing. CIGNA denied my spinal surgery.

I am in pain constantly, can't walk, sleep, do anything. They denied it one week before the scheduled surgery.

CIGNA is a scumbug company. I intend on taking this matter the legal way......I am suing!


My husband is currently battling Cigna for an MRI. Even with two doctors ordering it, they deny.

He can not stand for more then 10 minutes and is daily in excrutiatung pain.

Now doing PT which is resulting in not being able to sit for periods of more then a few minutes. In my opinion this denial is about money and has nothing to do with the patient.


My brother just found out he has cancer. His doctor ordered an MRI -- I believe in order to be able to direct the radiation or chemo to the right locations.

CIGNA DENIED!!! We are beyond pissed and will be exercising every single available option against CIGNA. ...

it is so tiresome and obvious how insurance companies throw up road blocks at every single turn to try to avoid paying out; and how they won't listen to the patient's DOCTOR, who has actually MET the patient and knows the patient's needs. I feel sorry for people who aren't pushy (or a lawyer) like myself when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.


The worst health insurance. My hip is popping and I went for an xray and the DR told me something is not right and he needs to do an MRI to see exactly what is going on.

Cigna DENIED it exactly what the person said before me they know that I may need surgery and dont want to pay for the MRI or surgery. They are going to have a very big lawsuit if something is wrong and they denied me an MRI to determine that.


I totally agree with you . I also have been denied twice for an MRI for my back.

I have days where the pain is so bad it brings to the ground. They want me to do PT for 2 times a week at 40 a session 6 weeks worth . I cant afford it considering I had brain surgery 3 years ago I am still paying on. Which at that time my Neurosurgeon requested a CT scan of my brain before surgery Denied.

Ok it wasn't toe surgery it was a brain hello. He was not happy did the peer to peer and ended up getting it. We pay for our health care and someone else determines how we can use it???? its a money game and were the pawns.

I called the governor Dept in New York state and because they are not located in New York they cant help me. Cigna is ran by a huge corporation and most to everyone is switching to them because they do this to their so called customers. Like I said were pawns paying into something and cant get the services were paying for . Bottom feeders of Health Care is what they are.

This is very unjust. Who in the *** do we turn to when were always being denied services???


Same here, they denied an MRI on my knee and on my spine. I spend a lot of money on Cigna but when we renew in November lm going to switch too.


I'm having the same issues. My blood pressure is off the scale.


I’ve had the same issue. They have denied an MRI for me and a CT for my wife.

They are terrible. And my wife pays a priemum for the better insurance.

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