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Cigna denied my MRI.... I have a bulging disc which is very painful since 2015 and my doctor ordered an MRI exam but CIGNA denied it two times!

Because Cigna knows that there's a reason for an MRI....and the reason is for me getting a surgery. CIGNA doesn't want to pay for the surgery nor the MRI because the MRI determines the injury CIGNA IS THE WORST!! CIGNA IS SATAN! CIGNA IS A MONEY COLLECTOR BUSINESS NOTHING ELSE!


Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My brother just found out he has cancer. His doctor ordered an MRI -- I believe in order to be able to direct the radiation or chemo to the right locations.

CIGNA DENIED!!! We are beyond pissed and will be exercising every single available option against CIGNA. ...

it is so tiresome and obvious how insurance companies throw up road blocks at every single turn to try to avoid paying out; and how they won't listen to the patient's DOCTOR, who has actually MET the patient and knows the patient's needs. I feel sorry for people who aren't pushy (or a lawyer) like myself when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.


The worst health insurance. My hip is popping and I went for an xray and the DR told me something is not right and he needs to do an MRI to see exactly what is going on.

Cigna DENIED it exactly what the person said before me they know that I may need surgery and dont want to pay for the MRI or surgery. They are going to have a very big lawsuit if something is wrong and they denied me an MRI to determine that.


I totally agree with you . I also have been denied twice for an MRI for my back.

I have days where the pain is so bad it brings to the ground. They want me to do PT for 2 times a week at 40 a session 6 weeks worth . I cant afford it considering I had brain surgery 3 years ago I am still paying on. Which at that time my Neurosurgeon requested a CT scan of my brain before surgery Denied.

Ok it wasn't toe surgery it was a brain hello. He was not happy did the peer to peer and ended up getting it. We pay for our health care and someone else determines how we can use it???? its a money game and were the pawns.

I called the governor Dept in New York state and because they are not located in New York they cant help me. Cigna is ran by a huge corporation and most to everyone is switching to them because they do this to their so called customers. Like I said were pawns paying into something and cant get the services were paying for . Bottom feeders of Health Care is what they are.

This is very unjust. Who in the *** do we turn to when were always being denied services???


Same here, they denied an MRI on my knee and on my spine. I spend a lot of money on Cigna but when we renew in November lm going to switch too.


I'm having the same issues. My blood pressure is off the scale.


I’ve had the same issue. They have denied an MRI for me and a CT for my wife.

They are terrible. And my wife pays a priemum for the better insurance.


How about February 2018 they denied MRI for Deany, child battling brain cancer! Check out Facebook page deanystrong. He has dipg!


I am going through the vary same thing with Cigna. I too was diagnosed with a herniated disc.

I had 3 separate injections of which helped me up until the past few months. I cant lift my right leg, I have excruciating pain and I don't sleep well because of the pain. My doctor ordered an new MRI to see what is going on since the last one was taken in 2015. CIGNA denied it.

I am trying to figure out how to live my life with this pain as well as my limitations.

I am sick that these companies are all about making money. My understanding is that it is very expensive to attempt to sue.Type your message here


In addition to that suggestion, file a formal complaint online with your state's insurance commissioner! I have found you get results from them in OH and FL anyway as they listen to consumer's about medical issues.


Get your doctor to file an appeal with your insurance with proof that it is needed and have heard some of them have been approved.

to LR Swenson #1378289

I did and they still denied it saying again it was medically unnecessary.

to LR Swenson #1433288

My husband is currently having the same problem with a denial of his MRI. Denied first time and doctor appealed.

Denied the second time and doctor had a conference call with the Cigna citing the necessity of the MRI in order to continue with his treatment. Denied again! As a result, he went ahead and had the MRI done, anyway on Jan.8,2018, agreeing with the hospital to pay the bill himself. $3,500 bill.

Results of MRI showed surgery was necessary. He is now scheduled for a diskectomy of his lumbar area on Fe. 22. As I am writing this, I have another appeal to submit to Cigna.

If that is denied, I have the option to write to OPM Federal Insuerance in Washington, D.C. help with the appeal. We shall see.

I recommend to any federal employee to think twice before signing up with Cigna for their health benefit plan. This is NOT the first denial from them for a medical procedure, but it will be the last as we are switching insurance during the next open season.

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