Because of the on going pain and medical problems to the right extremity , spine and neck Robert will be seeking medical help. And this being a Texas Workers Comp TWCC no.

92-125857 and you Cigna being the health provider Carrier no. 290c9210003 Robert will be asking your company everything you have on Roberts shoulder surgery performed by Dr. Gary Gartsman at St Luke's Hospital in Houston Texas. Complaint has been filed with the Texas Attorney General Open Records ID# 279994 on trying to obtain two sets of MRI's of the right shoulder, one taken before the *** surgery and one taken 6 months after the *** surgery that was taken away from Robert by the Texas Workers Comp Doctors and also a MRI of the right shoulder and neck taken by the Texas Medical Board through Dr.

Henry Blum and Aetna health care , that the Texas Medical Board would not let Robert have. And a complaint was filed with the Texas Medical Board file # 07-2190 over this matter. Robert was told that medical problems that came from a surgery under workers comp will be covered. Robert faxed this to Cigna fraud department just to let them know that Robert will be knocking at their door privately or publicly it's up to them.

You know Cigna you say you are a business of caring which is hard to believe from my experience with you . 90% could have been stopped and the pain Robert should of never went through and still lives with ALL because you and Dr Gary Gartsman chose not to give Robert the proper treatment at that time of surgery. And do you know what else makes Robert creep about that saying A Business Of Caring is that all that time until now you allowed them to take Roberts medical away and don't say you didn't because you would never do anything about it like the ones Robert filed complaints with in Texas. They say arthroscopic surgery is the best way to go but be careful, Robert went in with a small pain at the top of his right shoulder and came out with a destroyed and painful rotator cuff.

bracheil plexus injury that damaged muscles and made them painful with use, the long thoracic nerve that tore apart from the winging of the shoulder blade which also ripped open the localize scleroderma which spread out a lot always giving off pain and effecting the spine and muscles and also causing major problems and pain to the neck because of the right extremity being out of place and the nerves to the muscles of the neck . Doctors say that Robert is to hard to be around or that we tried to help him but he won't take it which I said when did you ever try and help Robert all those years after surgery Robert would ask you for help and you would not and lets not forget about the Attorneys that would not help and the attorney that took medical films from him that know one would do anything about.The only thing Robert asked for was the MRI's taken under the Texas Workers Comp and the MRI's taken by the Texas Medical Board be handed over so they may be reviewed and for Dr. Angelia McCain tell Robert who order her to give Robert a shot in his back behind his shoulder blade where the scleroderma spread out which she did not bill him for or tell him what she put in his back. It was a large shot with a very dark red color to it.

I could say a lot more but that won't make things better but what would help Robert is being under proper doctor with everything in the open .

Because when people say they want to help you but still hind things from you we'll that's just to hard to be around . HEY DOCTOR YOU GOT TO GET THE PATIENCE TO TRUST YOU BEFORE THEY CAN REALLY OPEN UP TO YOU ,and with Robert they always tried to down play it as to nothing but it was more than nothing a lot more.

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