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My husband went into the hospital 2/12/18 with total heart block and had t have a pacemaker, that surgery failed and he had to be moved by ambulance to another hospital to have a pacemaker revision. A experience I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Then the worst claim begin with Cigna. Our deductible was reached in one day and our out of pocket was being reached fast. I keep up with claims on our members page so I could see what claims coming in and then being processed within two weeks it was easily seen that our out of pocket maximum was going to be reached and over when the hospital claim reached them. So on 3/5/18 when I checked our claim page I saw they had processed this claim and put us over our out of pocket by almost $1500.00 to some that might not be a lot of money but to us it sure is especially when my husband was going to be out of work for 3 weeks.

That day is when this begin yes I did contact customer service and of course they say computer glitch, a mistake, sometimes things like this happen take your pick it has all been said. So after 18 phone calls 10 live chat visits and 3 months later this claim has still not been adjusted. I have not ever been told what is the specific issue other than glitch. There is no excuse for jerking customers around like this, continuing to tell me the out of pocket review will be finished in 10 business days ok all those 10 days has turned into 3 months.

This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and still dealing with. How can they get away with treating customers this way Thanks for the vent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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