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Step 1: Laid off employer kind enough to cover me for 2 weeks Step 2: Was told from X employer cobra packet is on its way. This will all for continued coverage Step 3: Called x employer and cobra asking where my forms were?

Cigna said mailed out on 23rd of April Step 4: April 27th, no forms called X employer and Cigna and requested where the heck are the forms? Step 5: Paid $2300 for Cobra and FSA through discovery. Step 6. Go to use fsa account 3/2 for couple of kids with the flu.

Step 7: DECLINED you have no coverage Step 8: Go home call cobra folks..said hey i paid you 3 days ago. I need to use my fsa account which I just paid $366 into. Step 9: Sorry sir ti takes 5-7 b-days to process payments then set account up. It's cigna that holds the process up.

Step 10: Pay out of pocket untail plan kicks in..$235 for medication while these billion dollar companies count my fing money!! Step 11: laid off, paid full premium + 2% administration fee??

Can't afford to pay out of pocket... Step 12: Sorry kids you have to stay sick but not too sick if we have to got to hospital...oops can't go plan isn't processed yet...But wait where is my $2300 go??/ PRICELESS.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: GET YOUR *** TOGETHER!!!!!.

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I'm having the same issue. I paid my premium $1,796 on August 23rd.

It is now September 15th. Pharmacist tells me I have no coverage.

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