it has been 18 years and you never would help Robert get a fair review of his medical films that were taken away from Robert by your referring doctors. Robert knows bad things can happen in surgury BUT to be dumped and everything taken from him and everything being covered up that just not right.

You can't hide Roberts problem Roberts body shows it ' without even having test taken.

It's time to resovle this because Robert has no problem in telling the world what you allow. Take Robert to court if you don't like what he says

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Irvine, California, United States #650645

Yes Cigna destroys lives and we can never forget, please read about it on the health Insurance racket, sick for profit, or read Cigna this should be a crime on pissed consumer. The people who have suffered,and been abused, and killed as well. CAN NEVER FORGET


We have told Robert numerous times that there is nothing wrong with him, and that the surgery was a total success. Thank you for your business.

to steverock #643123

Sounds like any surgery was only a total success for YOU BUCKO!

Are you one of the paid Cigna trolls? Do not really believe any doctor would have the indecency to say what you just said especially since he did NOT name any doctors by name!

And I know how crooked Cigna can be with lies about anything and everything too. Silence on your part would have been wiser for PR.

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