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Cigna healthcare is practicing fraud. They take money for premuums but won't pay claims or answer questions posed by plan holders.

They require you to take health quizzes on confidential issues regarding your health and Force you to talk to some bogus health coach even you are perfectly healthy to earn incentives to pay your claims otherwise they pay NOTHING. They also violate HIPPA by not being able to tell you where your confidential health information is going. This is a dangerous practice as consumers don't know where their information is going and the company refuses or can't tell you. Are they using information against employees by giving information about healthcare uses to employers???

Who knows??? This is illegal and unconstitutional. This company should be investigated and made accountable for all the premiums that are paid and forced to repay legitimate claims for our health care. If there are lawyers out there this would be a GREAT lawsuit against CIGNA.

They are the worst company I have ever dealt with . I would encourge others to complain to your senators and ask for an investigation of this fraudulant company!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Health Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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I have the exact same issue here!!! I hate the Health Coach ***!! I find it disgusting that they pull this!


I had a heartattack 4 years ago. My heartdr.

Put me on5 medicines crestor is the main one. My company just switched to cigna and.they wont cover crestor. They are trying to put me on a generic lipotor i cant take that!!!

Why wont they cover what the dr. Wants me to take??

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