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My husband was in the hospital for a MS exacerbation, which caused a bowel blockage in January 2010. He rush to the hospital in a ambulance.

He was in the hospital for 5days then went to one of the best rehabilitation hospital in Cincinnati, for 4 days. My husband has Cigna Medicare Advantage. Well almost every claim that was submitted to Cigna was asked to be resubmitted for missing or correct information. I can not believe the hospitals and doctor submitted these claims wrong.

It took 7 months to get the ambulance paid. We had Jewish hospital calling us for the bill not being paid. Then his doctor wanted my husband to take a drug called Acthar so that he might walk better. Cigna has denied the claim twice.

The point is that the cost is $20,000 for five shots and they do not want to pay. You know they will take your money for the insurance, but will not pay your bills or give you the medication that you might need to get better.

We pay over $5000 per year for our insurance coverage with Cigna. You know when you are under this type of stress with illness it is a shame you to have to fight the insurance company and deal with the bill collector calling you.

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The reason they didn't cover Acthar is because it's a tremendous waste of money unless your husband has failed to respond to IV steroids. Studies found no difference in the efficacy of the two treatments, therefore the one that doesn't cost 20,000 should be attempted before Achthar is.

Would YOU pay $19,950 more for a treatment that hasn't been proven any more effective? If not, you have nothing to complain about.

This kind of attitude is the reason we've gotten into a healthcare cost crisis.


Due to the new legistlation, now we have a tax that goes to INSURANCE COMPANIES, not our government, and they will not need to pay because you can't even cancel the policy no matter whether they pay or not.


Please visit Cigna this should be a crime they have been at these practices for a very long time.


I'm sorry you had a bad experience. If I can help, please email your contact info to


I concur with the neg. reviews of cigna.

I have experienced nothing but dishonesty and the run around in dealing with this supposed insurance company. They take your money then try to find any little typo or mistake to then deny your claim.

I have dropped out of coverage with them as I have never experienced anything even close to this with ANY other carrier. Dishonest business.

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