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Had my neck x-rayed. PCP told me I have moderate to severe arthritis.

I asked "what next?" He stated we need to do MRI to see exactly what we're dealing with in order to treat. Prescribed MRI, Cigna turned down. I called Cigna to ask why. After an inordinate amount of time on hold was transferred to MRI department where I got to talk to a representative who attempted to read to me the reasoning for the denial.

She really couldn't read at an adult level and I got the feeling she was there just to get yelled at by customers and to say she understands. Cigna policy is that I will have to go through physical therapy, that I will pay for, and if there is no improvement then they will revisit. I would like to know exactly what I am dealing with before I get involved with physical therapy. Reading some other complaints I realize Cigna will continue to deny my MRI for as long as they can.

They have no concern for my or any of their customers health. They just want the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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If you're PCP knew what the *** they're doing they wouldn't order a *** MRI unless you actually need it!


See my review - you'll have to go to physical therapy to obtain authorization. Have your doctor confirm how long you need to attend pt before CIGNA will approve the MRI.

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