I hurt my lower back and I have been out of work since Oct. 2014.

I went to my PC and then to a chiropractor. My spine was crooked and I had a hard time doing anything. I was so crooked that one leg was almost 1 inch longer than the other. People with back troubles know what I'm talking about.

My chiropractor was a huge help in getting me straightened out again. I still have pain and 2 herniated discs, and now have a pinched neck nerve. I get headaches everyday as well. I stand, walk, do excercises, and lie down whenever I need to.

Some days are better than others but that doesn't mean I am 100%. Cigna decided to close my case after 7 months without even seeing me so I got a lawyer and we'll see what happens. Idiots!

I am able to walk my dog and do a little raking but it's no more than 1 hr. I am waiting on my state also as I have no health insurance and I just want to get the help I need so I can get back to work.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Tavares, Florida, United States #1316124

Cigna is ***!


cigna is a *** company with *** employees run by *** people they suck. they take your money then fight your claim.

they cut my benefits 5 times in 8 years.

have to keep getting a lawyer involved. get your insurance some place else


They will video tape you be very careful

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