I currently have a bulging and herniated disc that it's to a point that it is obstructing my bowel movement and I am in so much pain that pain medication or anti inflamatory medication has helped. I did the epidural steroid shots, which have worsen my condition.

I have seek three doctors opinion on the network and all have recommened surgery, which Cigna has denied and want me to go to physical therapy and take pain medication for a year before they can re consider my surgery.. my pain is so severe that the pain medication that I am currently taking are not helping me..

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im having the exact problem with cigna, i have had 3 drs (2 ortho and 1 neuro) recommend surgery. but cigna says its not medically necessary, according to their medical director who is just a general surgeon.

so im sure he knows better than they do!! :(

Please read Sick for profit, the health Insurance Racket, this video will let you know just what you face.

Additionally, you can read on pissed Consumer, Cigna this should be a crime. One can never forget.

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