I filed a medical claim for my hospitalization in January 3, 2012 and they issued the payment in Feb 1, 2012. I am the one who filed the claim and I followed the bank details they required in their claim form. Instead of sending the wire transfer on my name on my Philippine Peso bank account they sent it under my husband's names at the same day me and my husband kept calling them and asked them to change the name on the wire transfer until this day nothing has done. Its a simple one to three but they keep telling us different stories.

On our previous claims they had our joint account which is in US Dollar but CIGNA keeps sending Philippine Peso in that US Dollar Account and every time they do it I always need to go to the bank and request them to transfer the money which is in Peso to my Peso account.

CIGNA are not competent enough to run this kind of services.

They keep promising me that things will be solve but until now I am waiting for nothing....

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Claim.

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