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Cigna had approved my spinal fusion back surgery September 6. 2012 and 4 days before my date they turned around and denied surgery.

Reason was for procedure was experimental. I try to call hopelessly crying for help. I am crawling in pain. Cigna speak to pre-certification board and I was on hold for 2hours.

When I finally reached someone and told them my experiment I was hung up on. I called again and was hung up on again. I Needed back surgery and it was denied because Cigna decided that the procedure was experimental. So after a lot of sending in a lot of medical proof they only approved for me to have half a surgery.

The only problem with this was putting in the hardware was denied again. What do I do? Cigna is one of the worst insurance companies I have ever dealt with. Also this surgery has been done in the US for 10 years so when is it considering not experimental?

After my first appeal I will seek lawyer.

I paid them lots of money. Been working at my job for 9years and got screwed by Cigna.

Monetary Loss: $56.

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Please see what other people have faced with this company.

The Health Insurance Racket on sick for profit, and read Cigna this should be a crime on pissed consumer. One can never forget.

to Jo #643071


And next thing you know they will be here spouting that nonsense. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried that. Someone did respond said they would review it to help and NEVER contacted me again! I made repeated attempts to ask what was going on...the S.O.B.'s never even replied.

The is a public relations campaign to try and clear their image, but they don't help anyone with REAL issues...about all you can get from them is in network lists of docs and such..they will not help with disability claims. This company is a bunch of scumbags in my honest opinion...they rank right up there with Enron and I feel many of them should be in prison!

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