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Cigna denied my spinal fusion of L3-L4 & L5-S1 even after a peer to peer review and 19 months of trying other non-evasive procedures to relieve extreme pain, inability to sit longer than 15 -20 mins without numbness and increased pain, inability to walk for 15 mins.

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Dorr, Michigan, United States #945371

I am in the exact same boat you are in and from what I read this afternoon in a letter written to Cigna regarding their approval process for any type of lumbar surgery, we will never get our surgery. Unless you can prove that you have instability in you spine, via x-rays, of over 4 mm then you are never going to be approved.

I have now contacted 13 different attorneys to see who is willing to take them on and I plan on suing them for the physical and emotional distress they have put me and my family through. Good Luck with your fight!!!

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