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April 12, 2013 my primary care doctor ordered me out on short term disability due to constant illness, blood sugars skyrocketing, A1C of 12, anemia, and all over body pain. Met with my orthopaedic doctor due to problems with my right arm going number and constant pain.

He ordered an MRI of the cervical spine and lumbar spine. He found that I had bone spurs in my cervical spine, Myelopathy, stenosis of the cervical and lumbar spine, brachial neuritis and that my right arm was affected due to my C7 nerve being impacted by the cervical stenosis. He wrote that I could no longer work as a Sign Language Instructor because of the continuing damage I would do to my neck and spine which could result in total paralysis of my right arm. Sent all of this into Cigna Short Term Disability and they denied the claim.

Told me that my doctors don't know what they are talking about and they see nothing wrong. Applied for an appeal on May 15th and they told me today that they will probably deny it again, but that now I have to send them all of the medical records and reports because they already denied the claim, so they won't do the work.

I have paid them for thirteen years bi-weekly to the tune of $13, 436 and they won't pay my claim. Cigna Short Term Disability sucks butt!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cigna Disability Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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So remember when I told you that Cigna finally paid the claim, well now they have cut off my benefits AGAIN! I have applied for social security disability and my pension, and they told me that I am back at work.

I find that interesting as I am not back at work and had my job send them a verification letter that I am NOT working and sent proof that I will get Social Security disability as well. They said, they will now reduce my check from the amount I am receiving from Social Security. They are always giving me a hard time. Never receive paperwork that you or anyone else sends, lie to my face.

I paid this company for thirteen years out of my paycheck and have only been collecting for two months.

They SUCK! :(


Cigna finally did cut me a check and decided to pay the claim. They went back to the original date and paid the claim and have paid weekly ever since.

I had to do the work and send them my MRI results (which they never requested) but I guess that is how things are now. :x

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